Asset Management

Our Vision

To merge the institutional asset management process with the flexibility and responsiveness of entrepreneurial hands-on ownership.

Capital Real Estate principals and management team have reviewed the management techniques, successes and failures of more than $4 billion in apartment assets. Through this experience CRE has developed its own asset management process and believes this unique process assists its partners and clients in achieving their investment goals.

CRE is experienced in the selection of third party management companies, vendors, reviewing budgets, renegotiating service contracts, contesting property taxes, coordinating capital improvements and the securing or restructuring of debt. CRE is strategically positioned to analyze the timing of any proposed disposition of the asset.

Communication with the investor through quarterly reports keeps CRE and their investors on the same page.

It is CRE's goal to provide the best asset management in the apartment industry. With this goal in mind, CRE's investors will reap the benefits of maximizing property potential and strategic acquisition and disposition timing.